Home Cleaning and Maid Services in  Jersey City, Hoboken, and Princeton NJ

Cleaning Checklist

The following tables contain our list of services as it pertains to each cleaning category (routine, deep cleaning, and move-in/out).

We will give every effort to making your home sparkle – and to that end, each job is given individual consideration. This cleaning list is not exhaustive and should be treated as a guideline. We ask that all customers honestly convey their needs, so that we will be prepared to successfully tackle the job.

Note that we require all first time customers to purchase the deep-cleaning option. Please contact us with any questions!

All Rooms Regular Deep Move-in/out
Cobweb removal
Dust & wipe baseboards
Dust & wipe blinds and window ledges
Dust & wipe furniture
Dust & wipe doors
Polish wood furniture
Clean glass countertops
Empty all trash cans
Vacuum accessible segments of floor (incl carpet, small rugs, and,stairs)
Vacuum all carpet, small rugs, and stairs*
Spot treat wall stains (as necessary)
Remedy pest infestations
Remedy mold situations, discoloration from water stains or fire damage

*Can only be completed if area is reasonably empty of heavy furniture/personal belongings

Bedrooms Regular Deep Move-in/out
Make beds & change linens (if provided)
Vacuum under bed*
Clean dresser tops, returning items to original position
Vacuum closet shelves & drawers*
Laundering, folding, and putting away clothing

* Assuming area is reasonably empty of personal belongings

Family Room (including Dining Room,,Den, Living Room and Other) Regular Deep Move-in/out
Vacuum furniture
Fluff couch cushions/pillows
Vacuum shelves & drawers*

* Assuming area is reasonably empty of personal belongings

Kitche Regular Deep Move-in/out
Clean & wipe sink
Clean countertops
Wipe stove top & hood
Wipe exterior cabinets
Clean inside of microwave
Clean outside of large electronic appliances
Mop kitchen floor
Scrub cabinet exterior
Scrub cooking stains around oven
Dismantle & clean stove top
Cleaning inside drawers/cabinets*
Spot treat wall stains (as necessary)
Clean, put away dishes

*Assuming area is reasonably empty of personal belongings

Bathroom Regular Deep Move-in/out
Clean countertops
Scrub sinks
Shine metal fixtures
Scrub toilets
Wipe exterior cabinets
Clean mirrors
Mop bathroom floor
Scrub shower grout (cannot remedy excessive mildew/discoloration)
Scrub stains from bathtub (cannot remedy excessive mildew/discoloration)
Scrub stains in/around sink (cannot remedy excessive mildew/discoloration)
Clean interior of bathroom cabinets*

*Assuming area is reasonably empty of personal belongings

Add-ons/Extras Regular Deep Move-in/out
Clean Inside Fridge $20 $20 $20
Clean Inside Oven $20 $20 $20
Wash Inside Windows, Panes, and Sills $5/Pane


Kindly note that there are some tasks which are beyond our ability to clean and may require specialty services, such as:

  • Excessive mold (including severely discolored bathroom and kitchen grout) [Need: industrial steam cleaner]
  • Pest infestations [Need: exterminator]
  • Discolorations due to water/fire damage [Need: contractor]
  • Damage due to any of the above, as well as squatting, home vacancy, or vandalism. [Need: contractor]

We also offer post-construction services which offers a deeper and more robust clean than the list above. Please contact us with any questions. Otherwise, let’s get booking!